The Fireworks Are Over…

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The Fireworks Are Over…

The fireworks are over..American just celebrated its 154th anniversary.

Which also means the 13 colonies Special Event activity is also coming to and end.  NI8Z accomplished another “clean sweep” obtaining all 13 colonies plus the 2 bonus stations.  The race was on with the president who last year finished ahead of me. This year I had all on July 1st. Roger claims an excuse …. He had to work.  However, he and W8MET also had clean sweeps.

I’m now of the mind to purchase a Delta Loop antenna from DX engineering. It has 30 meters as well as all bands up to 6 meters.  After I install it I will give a report on its efficacy.  The bands will be quiet for awhile, the next biggie will be the Ohio QSO party in August.

I learned of another digital mode being introduced from one of my DXer friend at NODXA. Its called FT8 7 or something like that.  I’ve had no chance to check out. Thats for another newsletter.

QSL cards have been designed and ordered for our club callsign —>N8ARG.

BTW, that is a fun call to send during Field Day.


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